Six years of sailing in Greece

One of the things that I like about Facebook is that every day it shows you ‘Memories’, and reminds you of what you were doing this day one, two, three, four years ago, or longer.

Today Facebook told me that exactly six years ago, – in early October 2011 we left Gosport, England, on our yacht Fandancer, at the very start of our big Greek adventure. Five years ago! In some ways it seems longer than that, as we have been to so many places and done so many things.


Fandancer in Kalamos

Here is a summary of the main things that have happened in the last six years….

We have sailed to over 40 Greek islands, and lots of Greek mainland too.

We rescued a Greek cat who lived with us on our yacht for two years but has now moved back to the UK permanently and has become an Essex girl…..


We have left the boat in four different places over the winter months.

I became a granny for the first time and had four grandchildren in two years.

I have sold a house and bought a new property on the Isle of Wight, UK.


I can call myself a freelance writer and have had over a dozen articles published, mostly in U.K. sailing magazines. Β I also write articles for Zizoo – a sailing website.

Read my latest article for Zizoo here.


Some things I have disliked over the last five years…..

Getting really seasick when we crossed the channel.
Being very bad at speaking to local people in their own language.
Not anticipating the amount of hard work needed to keep the boat running.
Getting homesick for all things British – missing tv, radio, newspapers etc.
Missing the whole of the London 2012 Olympics!
And mostly I have disliked washing my knickers in a bucket…….

My top five places we have visited –

The island of Paxos.
Mitikas – a town on the Greek mainland.
The amazing hill towns on the islands of Skyros, Kea and Seriphos..
The monastery on Patmos.
The harbour at Hydra – although it gets really busy, I love the hustle and bustle.



You can read about my other favourite Greek islands on my blog post here.

I have absolutely no idea where we will be this time next year! That’s exciting, as it means we will have more adventures to come, but at the same time, quite stressful for me, as I’m getting to the age where I’d like to put down some roots and stay for longer in one location……

7 thoughts on “Six years of sailing in Greece

  1. love that photo of Artemis looking down – and what a nice quick look back of five years – congrats on being the grandmother too – πŸ™‚ and I am not on FB but it looks like this is a nice perk. πŸ™‚

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