Used, recycled, pre-loved, second-hand….

We have now moved back into my empty rental property for the winter, after leaving our boat in Greece.  As the house was largely unfurnished, we have had to get hold of some furniture and other household items.    One thing I would like, is a small desk or table for my sewing machine, plus a chest or cupboard for my sewing accessories, pieces of fabric etc.


My sewing room last year, in a different house….

I mentioned this request to my husband and I said we should look on eBay, Gumtree or freecycle sites for unwanted items.  As he loves anything DIY or any sort of project, he suggested that he could make me a table, to my exact specifications.    Now, I don’t want to sound ungrateful, and I know he will do a lovely job, but I was thinking I might start some sewing next week.    If he starts this project, not only will it take several weeks or longer, it will end up being very expensive, and cause a lot of mess and disruption in the house, as he is sure to want to build it indoors, with no consideration of the dust or inconvenience…..


Enough wood to build an ark…

So he persuaded me to accompany him to a local salvage and reclamation yard to look at some old wood.    He loves anything old, genuine, quality, and is very scathing of badly made modern furniture.   As we are only going to be in this house for a maximum of five or six months, a second hand modern table would suit me fine, but he won’t consider such a thing.


Tiles, slates, bricks galore…

The reclamation yard was actually quite interesting.    I like old things too, and appreciate their quality and age.  For someone who was renovating an old building, and had shedloads of money, this would be the place to come.    You can find ancient roof tiles, bricks, wooden beams.   There were garden ornaments, chimney pots, fireplaces, old window frames.  Unfortunately we do not have any money, and are not restoring a property.   I’m sure you could build a whole house from what was there.

Tim was looking for some wood to make a table – something like old floor boards but without the nail holes.  He was planning to cut a long plank into shorter lengths and glue them together for the table top. I can only imagine how long this is going to take.  He is a perfectionist and it would be brilliant, but to me, it’s not worth the effort…. several years ago he made a table for the saloon on our yacht, and the end result was wonderful.   But it did take some time…….

Tim didn’t buy anything on this visit.   He needs time to reflect, and think about what he needs.  He’s not an impulse shopper, like me!   I made an impulse purchase, I bought one large slate tile!   I thought it would look nice in my kitchen as a chalk board for messages.

Processed with Snapseed.

Piles of tiles….

When we got home, Tim decided we need a roof rack for our car.   We have had this very old car for three years, and never needed a roof rack facility.   But apparently now we do.  Just in case we need to tie planks of wood to it, apparently.  So he’s ordered one, despite my protestations.  I could have bought two second hand tables for the price of the roof rack……


4 thoughts on “Used, recycled, pre-loved, second-hand….

  1. I wonder why men seem to choose the hardest route to solving any problem? My husband does it, so does my son…..i wish for you a recycled table super fast so he can find something else to do. lol

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