They call it Mellow Yellow…..

I always enjoy a photo challenge involving colours, and this week’s theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is ‘yellows’.  I certainly had fun looking through my photos for these beauties!

First of all, lets go for the obvious, and here are two lemon photos….

Two lemons I picked, and lemons growing on a tree in Greece.

Next, I found two lovely yellow doors.… both in Greece.

Now we have transport-related yellows – seats on a bus, and a Lisbon tram.

Here are two yellow shops – one in France, one in Greece.

What about people wearing yellow?  Here’s my granddaughter Beatrice in a lively yellow top, and also one of me, sitting on a rock!

And finally, the most embarrassing photo of all.  This was taken in 1971 or 1972.  Hands up if you weren’t even born then!

I’m showing you the awful yellow dresses we had to wear as our summer uniform at school.  Look how short we had them! I have no idea why we are standing in a horse box, or why I’m not wearing school uniform! At least I’m wearing a yellow top…..




5 thoughts on “They call it Mellow Yellow…..

  1. Oh, I remember wearing skirts that short…and shorter. We had dresses and skirts we called skimmers….they had panties that matched. and yes, if we moved slightly those panties showed. I got sent home from school for wearing them.

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