IKEA. A child friendly place.

Just a catch up on my boring life this week….

On Monday I went to Southampton on the train (journey time 14 minutes) and met up with my daughter, son in law, and my two luscious grandsons in IKEA. I love the wonder that is IKEA! You can read about my previous visit here .



While mirrors, photo frames and curtains were being purchased by the grown-ups, I took Ted, aged almost four, to SMÅLAND – which means ‘little country’ in Swedish, and is a crèche for 3-8 year olds. Features and toys include a giant clog, a ball pit, a movie theatre, teddy bears’ picnic zone and an interactive piano game. It is staffed by qualified nursery nurses. Parents are given a buzzer to take away, so staff can contact you if there is a problem, or when the one hour is up. Ted is used to going to nursery school, so he was quite happy to go off with the staff in the crèche.


Meanwhile, I took Charlie, aged 15 months, to a seating area where he could explore some children’s activities on a touch screen, climb on miniature tables and chairs, and practice his brand new skill of walking. He also had fun emptying, and playing with, the contents of my handbag, especially my bunch of keys and my sunglasses.Later, we all met up and visited the IKEA cafe, which is famous for selling its Swedish meatballs.


I was very impressed by how child-friendly the cafe was, with a lovely play area in the middle, child sized seats, and an area for parents to heat up baby milk and food, borrow plastic bowls and cutlery, bibs and high chairs.


We all returned to my house later in the afternoon, and my tidy home was transformed into a disaster zone, as the toy box was immediately emptied, with every activity needing attention right away. A game of skittles was set up on the shiny hall floor, while the Spider-Man playing cards were strewn over the living room carpet.

The animal dominoes were distributed to everyone, and a game of hide and seek was begun, using my wooden cat ornaments. In the middle of this, I made everyone a cup of tea, and Ted raided the biscuit box. Charlie practiced his stair climbing technique and also dismantled the shoe box. Of course I didn’t mind a bit, I love seeing them having fun!



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