Colourful, vibrant, bright….

I do like a colour prompt for a photo challenge!  This week Cee’s has chosen Vibrant Colours for her Fun Foto Challenge.

Firstly, here’s some colourful flags flown by a lead flotilla yacht in Greece.  When we see these, we know it will be followed by a dozen or so flotilla boats, all trying to find a space in harbour – so we try and get there first on our yacht!


Colourful flotilla flags

Here’s a different kind of boat – a colourful cruise liner!

detail on cruise ship

Cruise liner decorated with cartoons

Now we have some really vibrant bougainvillea growing over an alleyway in Greece.


Another vibrant colour – bright green glass on the stairway in a museum.


Glass stairway in the V&A museum

Here’s some very vibrant fruit and veg – I bought this big bagful from the market.


Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables

Here’s a wonderful lizard!  I love lizards.  I found this one in Greece.


Vibrant Greek lizard.

Finally – – vibrant candle holder in a gift shop…..



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