Ancient, old, antiquated…..

Ancient  – is the daily prompt.  Ancient can refer to anything – most likely in relation to old buildings, but ancient can also describe any object, or even people.

How old must something be, to be regarded as ‘ancient’?

Here are some definitions of ‘ancient’……
1.  of or in time long past, especially before the end of the Western Roman Empire
2.  dating from a remote period; of great age: ancient rocks; ancient trees.
3   very old; aged: an ancient folk tale.
4.  being old in wisdom and experience; venerable.
5.  old-fashioned or antique.
6.  a person who lived in ancient times.
7.  one of the classical writers of antiquity.
8.  a very old or aged person, especially if venerable or patriarchal.

As I’ve spent some considerable time in Greece, famed for its ancient antiquities, I will show you some photos of a variety of ancient buildings, both famous ones and not so famous ones.  Here’s a couple of photos of ancient antiquities you might recognise….


Some of the ruins at ancient Olympia


the ancient temple of Zeus, Athens.

In contrast, here’s an ancient ruined Greek house…..


Here’s part of an ancient olive oil factory….


Part of the ancient olive press machinery.


Another ancient building, but not as old as ancient Olympia…..



Finally, an ancient castle at the entrance to Navplion harbour, Greece.





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