Travel theme – playing a tune…..

I do love a travel theme, and the topic this week is ‘playing’.   Playing can represent a large number of activities, but I’ve chosen people playing instruments, that I’ve come across on my travels.  Except for the last photo, that is, which is something entirely different!  You’ll have to scroll down to the bottom to find out!

All these photos were taken on my travels.  The first one was taken in the little Greek harbour village of Leonidion Plaka on the eastern Peloponnese.  There was an Aubergine Festival held there on the evening we arrived in the harbour on our yacht Fandancer.  This was the violinist from the band at the rehearsal in the afternoon.



Greek violinist

The next photo was taken on the island of Hydra.  A child’s baptism had taken place, and there was a large parade afterwards, with the child, aged no more than two, riding on a donkey!  The parade was led by this saxophonist.


Greek saxophonist

The next photo was taken in a pub in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.  We had popped in for a drink to get out of the rain, and this guy was playing in the corner.  I love the quote, painted on the wall behind him…..


Guitarist, IOW

Here are two buskers, in the middle of the town of Hay on Wye.  I was staying with an old school friend for the weekend, and we found the buskers as we explored the town.


Buskers in Hay

Now we are off to Siracusa!  We called in here for a few days on our yacht Fandancer during our sailing trip from England to Greece in 2011. We stumbled across a military parade, and this band was playing.


Band in Siracusa

Now we are back in Greece for the next photo.  The guy playing the accordion was part of the crew on a big yacht I helped to sail around the Cyclades, in 2004.  He brought his accordion with him and played it in the tavern.


Greek musician

Now my mystery photo!   Its a different type of playing – our boat cat Artemis, when she was very young, just a few weeks after we rescued her.  She loved to play with bits of string.


Artemis kitten

If you would like to play along with this week’s travel theme (everyone’s welcome!) here’s what to do:


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