Keep on blogging – an award will come!

Well, yesterday was quite a good day for the blog of Georgie.

I had a bit of wobble the previous Thursday, and was thinking about the purpose of my blog, the meaning of life, and other random things. I didn’t even have anything really suitable for Thursday Doors, one of my favourite challenges, and was about to finish my blogging career and find something less time consuming to do. Then I had three nice blogging surprises ……

– they say things come in threes, don’t they! Firstly, the crazy Suze at Obsolete Childhood had a brain malfunction and nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Goodness knows why she did this, clearly a weird woman, But everyone should check out her blog. Such a fun read and I love to follow her ramblings,. You would too. Thank you so much for the nomination, Suze!


Then a short while later, DING! Another inbox message told me that the lovely Miriam from The Showers of Blessing had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Crikey! It’s like waiting for buses! None for ages, then two come at once! Go and check out her blog, she has a lovely family, and is very artistic.


Miriam must be psychic, because she told me I might get another award, as good luck comes in threes – she wasn’t wrong! DING! Another email and another lovely surprise, this time from Jay from Running in my Head. Do have a look at his blog, its quirky, original, and funny.  He also runs the Wicked Word Wednesday challenge and for some bizarre reason, he chose me as the winner! Check out my winning limerick and the 2nd and 3rd place entries here.


I won’t bore you with all the Award details here. But I’m really thrilled to accept these awards. I know some experienced bloggers don’t get involved with them, but as I’m quite a newbie, I’m happy to know that some people actually read my posts. I’m happy to participate in the awards and will definitely fulfil the award requirements in due course, and pass on the awards to other bloggers.

Yesterday, my silly blog which is full of random facts, moans and groans, and lots of photo challenges, received the most views it has had in a long time, and I picked up quite a few new followers. In the greater scale of things, my number of followers and blog views is nothing, but it made me happy. So thank you, everyone.

7 thoughts on “Keep on blogging – an award will come!

  1. You are so very much deserving of accolades for your blog..I honestly think some of the colour would disappear from my life were you to stop writing and sharing. Congratulations dear heart!

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