Thursday Doors in France and England…


Thursday Doors

It’s that time of the week again!   I’ve got a mixture of doors this week, from two different countries ……

The first three were taken in France, when we made the journey through the French waterways from north to south.


Green door in Tours la Marne

The next door was in Joinville, also on the river Marne…..

renovation project!

Some minor repairs needed here……

Another French door from the town of Tarascon, in the south of France.


Tarascon door

Now we jump back to England – here is a very old door from the abbey in Romsey town….


Door at Romsey abbey

And finally we are off to the beach!  On the Isle of Wight there is a pretty seaside village called Steephill Cove.   This is the door from one of the beachside cottages which rents out deckchairs.


Beach hut at Steephill Cove



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