It rings a bell – but I really have no idea…

I was browsing Buzzfeed the other day, and came across this list of common British expressions, which Americans in particular are said not to be able to understand.   I thought I’d share them with you along with their meanings….. have you ever heard anyone use these expressions?


1. “It’s not quite what I had in mind.” – this means –  What the bloody hell is this?

2. “That’s a bit off.” – I will never forgive you for what you just said.

3. “Oh yes, he’s a lot of fun.” – He’s an absolute nightmare.

4. “They’re fine once you get to know them.” – They’re arseholes.

5. “It rings a bell.” – I have no idea what you’re talking about.

6. “Fancy a drink?” – Fancy staying out until 3am and waking up with your face glued to a kebab?

7. “We’re going on a date.” — We’re getting pissed together.

8. “I got a bit tipsy last night.” – I drank 17 pints and then punched a police horse.

9. “Picnic” — Daytime piss-up.

10. “Barbecue” — Piss-up in the garden.

11. “It got a bit lively.” – The police were called.

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Also on Buzzfeed I came across a great list of things that we have in the UK which the US definitely needs to have right now  – Have a look here.

13 thoughts on “It rings a bell – but I really have no idea…

  1. LOL That was fun. We Southerners sometimes say, “Bless your heart.” …. The phrase is alerts to an insult. AND IF you attach some version of this phrase to even the most dreadful of insults, it’s totally acceptable to say. 😉
    IE: Bless his heart, he is dumb as a sock.
    Another variation is adding “cotton-picking” or “pea-picking” to the phrase, which generally doubles the insult.
    IE: Bless your cotton-picking heart, you don’t have a clue how this works, do you?

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