Run to the hills……

I love a travel theme  challenge, and this week the topic is ‘hills’.  I’m not a great fan of climbing hills, so I try and find a way to get to the top which doesn’t involve my legs. Otherwise, I like to look at them from a distance!

My first photo is of a rather big hill – the Rock of Gibraltar.  I took this from our cruise ship when we were on holiday last year….. but we did take the cable carto the top!


Rock of Gibraltar

Now we are looking at the beautiful Welsh hills near Hay on Wye.  I’m glad I chose to view them from the comfort of a car, rather than have to walk up there!


Hills near Hay on Wye.

Next, we are travelling to Greece.    Here’s a lovely early morning reflection of the hills behind Tranquil Bay, Lefkas…….



Now we are in Corfu.  We drove up to the hill village of Klomos and admired the view.


Corfu hill village

Another greek island – Hydra.  All the houses are built on the hill slopes behind the harbour.  There are no cars allowed on Hydra.  I did actually do some walking here!


Hydra houses

Off to Patmos now, in the Aegean.  Here’s the view from the top of the hill……we didn’t walk up, we caught the bus!


View from hill, Patmos

– off to Serifos.   We caught the local bus up to the chora (hill village).


View from top of hill on Serifos

For more lovely photos of hills, go and have a look at Wheresmybackpack




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