Rain today but the wine is fine!

It’s my birthday today!   I normally don’t like birthdays, and get all morose and melancholy, but I’m feeling good today!

We decided to take a drive into the New Forest.  We saw loads of donkeys, ponies and cows.  They all wander free in the forest, although they are all owned by someone.  There are supposed to be wild pigs too, as they are released into the forest at this time of the year to eat all the acorns, but we didn’t see any.


We had lunch at a fabulous old thatched country pub in the small village of Rockbourne, near Fordingbridge.   It was called the Rose and Thistle, and was originally two cottages built in the 16th century.   The food was amazing!

A few miles down the road is a Roman villa.   Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good enough for a visit today, but I’d definitely like to go back.  There’s more information about it here.

So I’ve had a lovely day despite the rain!



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