The chaos of not storing photos correctly….

Photo Challenge with the theme of “chaos”.

CHAOS is having over 12,000 photos on my IPad and not having time to organise them into any sort of order………


I did not take all these with my iPad camera, obviously.   I have a Nikon S9600 compact camera which is really excellent – it lets me wifi new photos taken on my camera directly to iPad!   I also back them up on laptop when I have time, and on an external hard drive.   But it’s getting to the point where, even if I create iPad albums, I have too many to scroll through each time I look for a photo.

Any help or advice gratefully received!


12 thoughts on “The chaos of not storing photos correctly….

  1. I need to create some sort of system too, on iPhoto. I used to, with Elements, but that doesn’t really work any longer. It seizes up after about 6 mins. I always think how organised you are actually. When there is a theme, you always have the correct photos up, so you must have found them quite easily. I miss Elements.

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  2. i have over 30k photos on my computer. A LOT of them are in folders that identify where they came from and what year they were taken. I would love to have a better system though as this one…well, it sucks actually. let us know if you ever come up with an easy way to deal with them all!

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  3. Oh dear, proper nightmare. Mine are all on PC and duplicated on a stick with a very large capacity just in case of crashes. They’re all in folders and sub folders which I understand, but with so many its sometimes very hard to keep up to date. In fact they are getting out of hand as we speak…good luck with the housekeeping.

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  4. We all have our own systems and photography is one of the pasttimes of my life and so I have now about 18,000 photos and growing all the time. I have had many computers, many hard disks but have now at last got the solution. The basic thing I need is a place on Internet – in my case Flickr. I pay a small amount per annum, but it is worth it. There are many online sites, but this one does me well. I can organise the photos into various albums and the albums even in groups if I want to. I give them a name and a tag to be able to find them quickly.
    Otherwise I have two external disks, 1 Tera byte and the other 2 Tera byte. According to Mr. Swiss this is until the end of time for me, and it is true, my 18,000 photos (and good sized) take up almost no room on thiese hard disks. I also have them on my computer. Actually two computers. Two thirds on my previous computer and the newer photos on my new computer. I also have an Apple computer, but I do not store photos on it.
    I realise your problem travelling most of the time and having them on your iPad, but my Flickr site has an app for my iPad and iPhone, so my photos are with me all the time.
    Now I am droning on, but just thought it might give you a helpful tip as I realise your problem completely.

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  5. Thank you very much for this, I appreciate your help. Apparently my photos are in the iCloud, but I’m not good at manipulating them in the photos folder on iPad. I have tried Dropbox but it’s not user friendly, not for me, anyway. I never thought of Flickr, I’ll have a look. Thanks again.


  6. More than six years ago I adopted a system that has worked well for me. First I changed my cameras to continually advance the image number. Then I used Photo Gallery to assign folder names by date taken (2016-11-06) Often I will append an event or location name to the folder date name. These folders I move to quarterly and annual folders (2016 contains 20116Q1, 2016Q2 etc). The most important part of organizing is assigning tags. I still occasionally assign tags to old photos. Tags include names of people, places, subjects, season, Occasionally I will replace a tag with another, Photo Gallery allows me to do this universally going back through my entire collection.

    I find that often when looking for a specific image I can remember about when I have take it, so I can search by date (the order of the folders). I can search by tag like “tree”, or “cloud”, and find what I am looking for.

    When I find an image and know that I took related ones, the create date takes me right back to the group. Similarly when looking for images like “doors”, Photo Gallery allows text searches and finds stuff very nicely.

    Sadly, Photo Gallery has been orphaned and will be slowly going away. But the tags work in all other editors/organizers so my scheme will work for years to come.

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  7. Hi, I appreciate your help. On the laptop I use Picasa to edit my photos, I don’t think it has a tagging feature. I mostly use my iPad though, and have used Snapseed and PhotoEditor. I have no idea how to tag my photos!


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