House for sale, a wedding dress, and a cat called a Bob….

I haven’t blogged much this week.  I didn’t even post for Thursday Doors!  I wanted to write something for the Limerick challenge, and show off on Wicked Word Wednesday.    I ignored Tuesdays of Texture and Wordless Wednesday.

So what have I done this week?   The main thing is that my house has just gone up for sale, so I spend half my time trying to keep it clean, and the other half looking st new houses to buy on the internet, even though no one has been to see mine yet.  Today the agents are running an ‘open house’ for us, although they don’t want us to be here, as apparently viewers are too intimidated if the owners are around, as they can’t express their inner thoughts about the colour of your walls or your hideous ornaments.  It’s pouring with rain today, so I’m sure no one will come.


The other thing which is stressing me out is that someone I know has given me their wedding dress and asked me to make them a quilt out of it…….. sharp intake of breath…..  I was very flattered that she asked me, and I’ll have a go at anything, so I put my stupid head on and said ‘yes, of course, I’ll have a go!’ Despite me never doing anything like this ever before, never done quilting at all.   So where do I start?


I decided to start by unpicking it all carefully, to see the amount of fabric I’ve got to work with.   Nightmare job!   All the sequins and minuscule glittery beads started to fall off. It’s sewn together with some industrial stitching that is impossible to unpick.   So far I’ve spent three days on it, I have a little dish of loose beads and sequins and very sore fingers.   I want a fairy godmother to come along and help me. ….

The other thing I did this week was go to the cinema to see “A Street Cat Called Bob”.


A lovely British film about a homeless ex-drug addict who adopts a stray cat.    There was a book about their adventures written a few years ago, and now it’s s film.  I loved it, I almost cried at the end (spoiler – it’s OK, nothing happens to the cat….).

What have you done this week?



13 thoughts on “House for sale, a wedding dress, and a cat called a Bob….

    • I guess people want something made out of dresses to stop them feeling guilty about having them shut away in a cupboard!
      We might not buy a new home immediately, we’ll go back to Greece again in the spring and live on our yacht.

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      • When an item of apparel got stained, torn, etc, my grandmother used to make ‘memory quilts’, but she would make them out of cotton dresses, shirts, etc. (washable & durable)… As a kid, I loved the quilt she made me, and could look at the various fabrics and recall what I’d done while wearing the item. Guess your project is similar.

        If/when you sell, you can put whatever you want to keep in storage and then you could have plenty of time for the perfect place to come along. That’s more or less what we did.


  1. first thing you do Georgie is to call that lady, say “I’m sorry but my brain was wandering the day I said yes. come pick up this dress and take it to someone else”…..then you go off for the day. For some reason open houses on rainy days are filled with thousands of people. Then you breathe woman! just breathe!

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  2. HI Georgie,
    I know Jeanette and others here.
    I met you at Danny’s October Meet and Greet. That was nice that you reblogged it. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I blog about. I brought you the link to my About page so you can read more about me. I also have many monthly blogging events.


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