Which way – under or over?

This week, for Cee’s Which Way Challenge, I’m taking you over and under some bridges and archways.  Why don’t you come with me, and take a look?

First, we have to go under an old blue arch……


Now, mind your head! We’re going through an archway in a narrow street.


Now, make a choice! Over the top, or through the arch?


Same here – over or under?


There’s a lovely view through the next arch, but a long way down!


Finally, we’ve arrived!  Through the arch to this lovely beach……



4 thoughts on “Which way – under or over?

  1. Great post.
    Especially the Corinth Canal. I was asleep on the top deck of a car ferry (student travel 1960’s) and wakened to see this above me. For a second I thought I’d had too much retsina the night before! (Well I had, but not enough to hallucinate something like this)


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