Up on the roof……

For Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge, I knew that I had a lot of photos of roofs, taken on our travels around the Greek islands.  A lot of roofs are very old and almost derelict, and they make excellent photos!    I also found some roofs from unusual buildings, in Greece, Italy and the UK.

First, here’s a photo of some very typical greek roofs, this photo was taken in the island of Hydra.


Terracotta roofs on Hydra

Some more similar Greek roofs, with tile details.


The next two photos were taken in Corfu, in the old town.  Lots of fabulous roofs here.


Now we are leaving Greece, to look at some unusual roofs…

The roof at one of the Royal Observstory buildings, London, a thatched roof of a garden building in West Sussex, and the roof of a carousel, in Sicily.

Finally, a lovely dilapidated roof that I found in Staunton Country Park, Hampshire, UK.



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