Pet peeves – bad spelling and grammar……

Day 23 of my ’31 day blog challenge’…..

“My pet peeves….”

Definition – “something that a particular person finds especially annoying”

There is only one main pet peeve that completely takes over my life…..

It is … using bad grammar and making spelling mistakes, particularly in public. Many shops and businesses are guilty of this. Some of them are completely unbelievable!




These wrongly placed apostrophes just set my teeth on edge!





And remember…..

‘Would of’ does not exist and is grammatically incorrect!

What are your pet peeves?


7 thoughts on “Pet peeves – bad spelling and grammar……

  1. These are hilarious! My pet peeves are the wrong names for things. Best example is Big Ben, which is the affectionate name of the grand bell that rings in Westminster Clock, but people refer to the Elizabeth Tower or Westminster Clock as Big Ben, another is London Bridge which gets confused with Tower Bridge.

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