What’s your best physical feature?

Day 25 of my 31 day Blog Challenge.

Write about Your “Best Physical Features”…..

Do you mean my physical features? I expect you do. And in the plural, as if there may be more then one! Hahaha! I cannot think of anything physical on my body that could be regarded as ‘best’.   Well, maybe if you pushed me, I might say the inside of my wrist, or the little toe on my left foot.

I filled in another of those surveys going round on Facebook recently, and coincidentally, one question was – “What is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself?”
That was easy to answer. I wrote – Everything on my body that’s covered in skin or hair”……

Another question on the same survey asked – “What is the first thing you notice about people?”
An interesting question!   Again, easy for me to answer, I wrote – “That their hair is generally much straighter and nicer than mine”……

One of these days I will make a montage of photos of all the different hairstyles I’ve had. There have been many different colours, and many degrees of straightness. It is naturally very curly, and I must have spent half my life straightening it. Now that I live for half of the year aboard a yacht, worrying about my hair is at the bottom of my list of priorities!

Here’s a little taster for you ……



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