5 blogs I like – are you on the list?

My Blog Challenge Day 26 – “5 Blogs I like”

Five? Only five? That’s too difficult!  I have chosen these ones because it is easy to describe what they are about, should you wish to have a look. There are many more blogs I like, so apologies if I have not given you a mention….

So, in no particular order ……

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss   – Mrs Anglo Swiss describes herself as a golden oldie – she is originally a cockney from London but has lived in a little Swiss town for many years. She has a wonderful sense of humour, and writes about her daily life. She has a lovely cat called Tabby, who has her own humorous blog – The Cat Chronicles .  If you love cats, you will love this too.



Every now and then I have the urge to get out my sketch pad and pencils. Especially when I am in a little greek harbour over the summer. I also feel the need one day to try watercolours – but I’m never brave enough. If you look at Charlie’s blog – Doodlewash   you will see what a fantastic artist he is, and how clever he is to produce a brilliant doodlewash every day, of a simple every day object, such as a cup of coffee, a fork, a cake. He always has a great story to go with it, too.

I don’t know how I came across Jay’s blog –  Running In My Head  I think it was when I found his wonderful challenge called ‘Wicked Word Wednesday’ which I have been lucky to win twice! He is a teacher, and knows lots about books. I always look forward to his posts, as they are funny, and intelligent at the same time.


The Travel Lady in her Shoes  has a lovely blog, especially if you like travel and photography. Recently she wrote about visiting some wonderful houses and gardens in the UK, and her photos were just amazing. She is what I call an ‘interactive’ blogger, she always leaves nice comments and will answer questions.

Life Is Knutts written by Gemma is a wonderful uplifting blog, full of humour, observation and sarcasm, right up my street. She reminds me a lot of my daughter. She has three lovely boys, she cooks, does craft, goes on interesting trips, drinks gin, and writes about current topics in a light-hearted way. She is also lucky enough to get asked to review items on her blog, such as cakes, gin and children’s books!


Now we come onto probably the most well-known blog on my list Windtraveler – Windtraveler must have gazillions of followers, and is of particular interest to folks in the boating world. This lovely family live aboard their yacht in the Caribbean and have three very cute little girls under four. The blog contains masses of info about what it’s like to raise babies on board, and the adventures they have, with terrific photos. The whole website is extremely professional, with lots of links to all sorts of things to do with boats, children and the Caribbean. I definitely recommend this, even if you have never been on a boat or had children.


Yes, I know that makes six blogs. I don’t care. I’m a non-comformist!

I’d really like to know – what is your favourite blog?   Put a link in the comments below……


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