Home-made mince pies, and a Christmas tree…..

It’s not this time of year without…

…….making dozens of mince pies!   Do people in other parts of the world eat these amazing creations?   Every guest to your home will be offered one of these delights.  They are pastry cases filled with mincemeat.  Bizzarely, the mincemeat has nothing to do with minced meat…….


My very inferior mince pies, due to lack of suitable kitchen cutters…..

Hundreds of years ago, it did include meat, but now it is made of a mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices, and sometimes beef suet.   It is easy to make at home, but much simpler to buy a jar.

Here’s some information about the origins of mincemeat…..

……and here’s a recipe for mincemeat……

Another Christmas item made by me – a Christmas tree!   Due to lack of space, I found a wonderful idea in a design magazine for a flat wall hanging in the shape of a tree!  (Trust me – it turns out better then it sounds…..)

First, you have to find some suitable sticks, or cut them to size…..


Lay the sticks on the floor and cut them to the length required.

Tie the sticks together, keeping them as straight as possible, with equal distances between them…..


Take the contraption indoors and tie securely to the wall, then decorate!


Finally  – add some lights, and it’s done!




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