When did you last cry?

Day 28 Blog Challenge – “The last time I cried”.

I don’t like talking about things like this. I’m not a very demonstrative person and I like to keep my feelings to myself, I certainly don’t like showing others that I’m crying. It takes a lot to make me cry, but as I’ve got older, I seem to have a little tear in my eye more often. Especially when watching films.


The other week I went with my daughter to see the film – “A Street Cat Called Bob”. A typically British film, not a big blockbuster, I don’t even know if will be shown in other countries. It’s based on a true story of a homeless guy called James, an ex-drug addict, who earns money by busking in London.  He finds a stray cat, or rather the cat finds him, and they develop a wonderful relationship.


The cat, who he names Bob, goes everywhere with him.  Their story was first told a few years ago in a very successful book, which sold millions of copies, and then recently made into a film, with actors playing the main roles, but Bob the cat was played by himself!   The film has a happy ending, and I admit I did shed a tear right at the end!

When the film first came out, it was given a royal premiere, attended by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.  She met the real James, and of course Bob!


Have you seen the film?  What did you think?


2 thoughts on “When did you last cry?

  1. Thanks for sharing your tears Georgie. I’m reading the book at the moment. It takes me ages to read a book! My daughter said that she cried at the end of the film too, but happy sad tears rather than sad sad tears. 🙂


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