My anti-bucket list….


My 31 day blog challenge – day 29

“Some things on my bucket list”

A couple of years ago, a well-known UK daily paper conducted a survey on 2000 people, and asked them what things they would like to achieve before they died.

Read the article here….

Based on items from this list, and some of my own ideas, I came up with my ANTI-BUCKET LIST. These are some things I definitely do NOT want to do before I die…..


  1. I DO NOT want to do wing walking on an old bi-plane.     Why would I want to be strapped into a harness, and tied to a plane wing, with my face in a 200mph wind?
  2.  I DO NOT want to walk around the ruins at Machu Pichu which is the 15th century    Inca site in Peru. It looks far too hilly, I’d probably twist my ankle on the stones, and I believe you have to get up at 4am to do it.
  3. I DO NOT want to see a performance of an opera. I don’t speak Italian, and don’t want to listen to a fat lady singing.
  4. I DO NOT want to go to a casino in Las Vegas. I’ll keep my money to myself, thank you.
  5. I DO NOT want to go whale watching. Surely it’s not 100% guaranteed that you’ll see a whale?
  6. I DO NOT want to get a tattoo. Yuk. I hate them. Ugly.
  7. I DO NOT want to hold a spider or a snake. Obvious.  Why would you?
  8. I DO NOT want to climb a mountain. Similar reasons to No.2 – I don’t do hills.
  9. I DO NOT want to learn a new language. Not at my age. Sounds like too much hard work. I speak English. Luckily, it’s one of the most common languages in the world. Make everyone else learn English.
  10. I DO NOT want to go scuba diving. Wet suits don’t suit me, they are impossible to get on, and my ears will hurt if I go too deep underwater.
  11. I DO NOT want to own a designer watch, or a designer handbag. I don’t have a need to impress other people.
  12. I DO NOT want to backpack round Europe. I have no need to sit for hours on trains, wait in queues, sleep in the park, wear the same clothes for two weeks, or get a low paid job wiping tables to raise funds to buy a return ticket.
  13. I DO NOT want to ride a camel. Nasty, smelly, ugly, spitting creatures….
  14. I DO NOT want to sing a song or make a speech in front of a thousand people. I can’t sing. Why inflict it on others?
  15. I DO NOT want to sit in a sled pulled by huskies. They do this across snow, don’t they? I don’t do snow.
  16. I DO NOT want to swim with sharks. Sharks eat people, don’t they? Big teeth?
  17. I DO NOT want to milk a cow. Go to the supermarket. Buy a carton of cold milk from the chiller. Job done.
  18. I DO NOT want to sleep in an igloo. That’s made of ice, isn’t it? I don’t do ice or snow, I’ve already told you that.
  19. I DO NOT WANT to read a classic novel or the works of Shakespeare. That’s school stuff. I didn’t like it then, so why do it now?
  20. I DO NOT want to run a marathon. Basically I do not want to run anywhere, or any distance. I don’t run.

Why don’t you have a go at writing your anti-bucket list?


33 thoughts on “My anti-bucket list….

  1. I like the idea of an anti-bucket list. i agree with some of yours and disagree with others. I’ve done some that I’d do again and I’ve done some that I’ll never repeat. Mostly I agree with not wanting to swim with sharks. The best thing to do with sharks is eat them battered, deep fried and with chips.

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  2. Whatever I have not done already, not doing currently and don’t feature in my bucket list will fall into anti-bucket list by default? Food for thought!

    A very interesting idea and was fun to read. May be, I could write a post about one of them 😉

    thanks for posting!

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  3. Love this concept – even agree on some, but don’t feel the same about many others. We’re not talking Iditarod – who wouldn’t want to ride in a dog sled just once and for a limited distance? But maybe if I created my own anti-bucket list, I could figure out what things I’d really want to do. Great post!

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  4. Bucket lists are awful. Are you a failure if you miss one? What if it no longer appeals to you because it’s been years since you wrote it down? And who are these journalists to tell me how to live my life? Surely the older you get the less you pay attention to what’s expected of you.

    But now you’ve told us what you won’t do, I for one would like to know what you will do!

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  7. I liked your post, but I have to disagree with a few points. No opera? oh come on, It’s one of the best experiences in the life! I would love to see Machu Picchu, I love learning new languages (I live in Switzerland with 4 official languages – neither English, nor my Polish is one of them) and I just adored backpacking when I was younger. But – I must admit, your post is no 1 on my list for the Assignment no 9 😉 I found many great blogs, but this is funny, just like mine 😉

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  8. Thanks for reading my blog! Let’s agree to disagree – if everyone liked and disliked the same things, life would be boring. Sorry, I’m still not going to an opera!

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  12. This is very funny Georgie. The thing is – my bucket list has almost been completed – I have done most of things numbered on your anti-bucket list – though 1,2, 4 and 6 plus going to Glastonbury or Australia would also be on my anti-bucket list – Sol

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  13. I totally agree with most of what you say except for the whale watching (which I’ve been lucky enough to do and would love to do again) and Machu Picchu although I also don’t do hills. I’ve heard there’s a train 😊

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  14. I feel like I know ya a little bit better now😊. I’ve never written out a bucket list or an anti bucket list but they are interesting to read when others do. Pretty cool


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