Do you have any weird quirks?

My 31 day blog challenge : Day 31- “A Weird Quirk of Mine”

I’m already a day behind!  This should have been posted yesterday!  I hope that Suze from Obsolete Childhood doesn’t find out – she’s doing this Blog Challenge too, and I bet she doesn’t forget to post stuff!  She’ll be laughing at me!

Hmmmmm – a strange prompt for today, what do you define as a weird quirk?

“quirk (kwûrk)
A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy”

It’s very difficult to identify weird quirks in yourself, well, it is for me, as I don’t really have any!  It’s much easier to spot them in other people, I think. So you might have to give me a minute or so, to think of something….


I can’t stand hearing my own voice in videos or recordings.

I hate that awkward moment when you get the lyrics wrong to a song.

I hate it when you’re about to say something good and the topic changes.

I feel uncomfortable when one string of my hoodie or coat is longer than the other.

I have to put my mugs and glasses in exactly the same place every time on the cupboard shelf. Same with the shelf where the tea, coffee, jam and marmite are kept. It makes me feel weird if they are in the wrong place!


I hate to see ‘bits’ of movies or TV shows. It’s either all or nothing.  I don’t like watching a film on TV if it’s already started, even if it’s only five minutes.

I can’t sleep unless its pitch black. only exception is my alarm clock. if there is another light source coming from my room, whether it be dim or not, i cant sleep.  It also has to be completely silent.

I regularly mispronounce certain words on purpose – I deliberately pronounce words as they spelt, so I might say “by – know – queue – lars” for “binoculars”, plus other stranger examples, if only I could remember them!

I think I’m pretty normal, by comparison! If you Google ‘strange quirks’, there are no end of weirdos out there!



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