Thursday Doors – on the Isle of Wight.

Thursday Doors

Blue and White on the Isle of Wight….

Here are a few photos of doors, that are all blue and white.   I found them in the village called Steephill Cove, on the Isle of Wight.  Arguably the prettiest place on the Island, situated just south of the Victorian seaside town of Ventnor, Steephill Cove is a traditional, unspoilt fishing cove with a safe, sandy beach, nestled between rocky cliffs and smugglers’ coves.   You can read more about this lovely place, here.


Door at Steephill Cove



Near the beach



Door at Steephill Cove, IOW


6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – on the Isle of Wight.

  1. I grew up on the Island, how I loved this post, we farmed inland near Chale Green but we also farmed all the land around St Catherine’s Lighthouse, my father then retired there in a house right on the cliffs at Niton Undercliffe. I cannot tell you the number of times we have run around he fields, walked down the narrow lane and then onto the beach and we’ve spent hours rock pooling, snacking at the little cafe. How I loved this post, it made me long to go back home for a few days, thank you x

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    • Oh wow! We love the IOW. We rented a house in Ryde over the winter a few years ago, and explored everywhere. When, or if, I sell my house here in Romsey, we are thinking of buying somewhere on IOW – partly because the prices are much lower, but also because we love it there.


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