Which way? A walk along the French canals and rivers…..

This week I’m taking you on a watery walk for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

All these photos were taken in the south of France, when we took our yacht Fandancer from England, over the Channel, and through the French canals to the Mediterranean, then on to Greece.

First, here’s a signpost in the river! Which way shall we go?



Let’s walk along the river bank……


Canal boats at Aigues Mortes…..

Now we are in the canal at Beaucaire. Our yacht Fandancer is moored on the left, with the masts carried on deck.


Now, let’s walk along the seafront at Sete……


Back to Beaucaire again, for a sunny canalside walk….


Shall we take the ferry to Morocco from Sete?


Change of location now, but still French – this is one of the inlets at Bonifacio, on the southern tip of Corsica…..



……we are reaching the end of our journey –


Bridge over the canal, Beaucaire

We’ve arrived at our destination, back to Beaucaire!   Here, the canal ends, you can’t go any further, it’s been blocked off.


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