A Mini Cooper, 42 Greek islands, and playing the piano… 20 facts about me…..

31 Day Blog Challenge 2 – “20 facts about me”

Surely you know enough about me know? Maybe I should set a quiz and see what you know about me! So read these twenty facts carefully, in case I spring a quiz on you next week……

  1. I was born in Malta, many, many years ago, as my father was stationed there in the RAF. I have never been back.
  2. I have been to 16 schools and lived in 44 houses.
  3. I am very left handed, I can barely open a door with my right hand.
  4. I have three children and four grandchildren, aged four and under. I love them with all my heart.


5. I have been married to Tim, for over five years, but known him for thirty years.
6.  My favourite colour is turquoise blue.
7.  My first car was a 1959 mini, it cost £60. Many years later, I had a new-style yellow Mini Cooper.
8.  Tim and I own a yacht called Fandancer, which we keep in Greece.
9.  We live aboard Fandancer for at least six months over the summer, and have been doing this for over five years.
10.  We have been to 42 different Greek islands, by yacht, and lots of the mainland too.


I have never broken any bones in my body.
When I was very young I wanted to be a doctor.
I used to be really good at swimming, when I was 10, I won an inter-school backstroke race.
My favourite foods are – moules mariniere, sausage and mash, apple pie, Marmite on toast.
I can ride a horse, but not very well.
In my spare time I like cooking, sewing, photography, and playing Scrabble or Words With Friends on line. I also like sketching, especially when I’m in Greece.

My favourite drink is gin and tonic, but when in Greece, I love ouzo.
I don’t like religion, religious talks, religious cults, or anything religious.
When I finally settle down, I would like to have cats, and keep chickens. And have a piano.
I would like to be able to play the piano. I can read music, I know where all the notes are, but can’t play. Maybe I should get a piano, and practice…..


3 thoughts on “A Mini Cooper, 42 Greek islands, and playing the piano… 20 facts about me…..

  1. I used to own chickens and the ONE thing I can say with authority is cats eat them. no matter how you manage to cage up those cluckers if you have a cat, even an over-weight, overly-fed one will kill and eat parts of those birds! And oddly, I can play the piano but can not read music…together I bet we’d make a concert pianist!


  2. I remember when you came riding at Moreton Jeffries with us and you got put on Harvey, Sally’s pony. That was cruel to put you on him as he just buggered off I think. It was a long time ago now. You were brave. He was horrible to ride. Unless you knew him well. I like this blog lots. 🙂


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