Third time Lucky…..why?

31 Day Blog Challenge – “the meaning of my business name”.

I guess this means why did you choose the name of your blog? It’s not a business blog. I don’t want to run a business from my blog! I don’t want to sell cosmetics, or knitted pixies. I don’t give advice on how to get 10,000 followers in ten minutes, I don’t tell anyone on how to look good in skinny jeans. It’s just a little old blog that keeps me amused. I write about my travels, my boat, my hobbies, my photography, and other random stuff.


I’m really interested in technology. I love smart phones and my iPad. I’ve always used a computer, but somehow I muddle through, and work out how to use these things, without actually knowing what I’m doing. You can generally work things out in the end, it just takes a bit of trial and error. I’ve loved the idea of blogs and blogging for many years, and always wondered how blogs worked and how you constructed one.


About six years ago I knew someone who had a website/blog designed by a WordPress expert, but she always talked about it in hushed tones, as though it was something mystical and out of reach of the normal person. I thought only high-powered technology businesses had websites and blogs. Gradually blogs became more popular and I came across them frequently while looking for things and reading articles on the iPad. I wanted a blog too!


I started off experimenting with “Blogger” but it was all trial and error. Then I was brave enough to try a free WordPress blog, but again, all self-taught, trial and error. Simple things like changing your password, or how to alter a heading, or add a category were all beyond me, but somehow somehow I managed to put something together, but I found it difficult. Everything seemed too difficult, I knew nothing. I gave up.


In December 2015 I heard about a new BloggingU online course. I’d tried it twice before, but never got further then the end of the first week. But this time I was determined to succeed. I loved it! The course was well-explained, with one task a day, and you could ask other people online for help. I got further than I ever had, with my blogging knowledge. I could now add photos, make new pages, leave comments on other blogs, and some people even started leaving comments on my blog!

So I called my blog “Third Time Lucky” as it was my third attempt at setting up a blog!


Now I need to be brave enough to make my blog even better.  I need to find out about ‘self hosting’?  What does that mean?  Is it worth it?

Thanks for reading my blog ……

7 thoughts on “Third time Lucky…..why?

  1. If it’s any consolation, you are doing better than me. I have muddled through to get to this point, but am still confused. I keep getting emails for a .blog domain whatever that is??? Mine is not a business blog either. A copy of Blogging for Dummies under my Christmas tree would be good.

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  2. Good luck… what I’ve discovered is whatever you do, find the joy in it, and the rest will follow. Technology wise, a lot depends on what you want to do. If you just want to write and connect with people, medium is fantastic. If you want more control, then wordpress is very easy to setup and manage on your own site… using has its limitations, but it has a passionate community!

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  3. self hosting is what I do. I didn’t start on WP either. I started over at Blogger, purchased a domain name (that’s the part) and started blathering at the world. no one read my blog except my son…bless his heart. Self hosting means you BUY a domain name. it doesn’t come with an is simply the address for you blog. you have to use an editor from somewhere else. WordPress has self hosting sites now of their very own. you can buy a premium account and name your site and still use their editor. I think that’s how it works anyway. If you do the way I did, it can be a royal pain in the patootie! If you go through WP I think it would be tons easier. It all depends on if you want “free” or “paid for each month or year”.

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      • i didn’t know about the wordpress when I started and bought my own domain license from Google. I figured for 10 bucks a year it was worth it to live in suziland. if I had known there were free ones and I could still have the suziland moniker I would have gone that way.


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