Power ballads, musical theatre, boy bands – what do they have in common?

31 day Blog Challenge – “my guilty pleasure”

– something, such as a film, television programme, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.

Here we go.   I’m ashamed to admit these guilty pleasures. but no one is going to read this…..are they?   See if you share any with me!

1.  Power ballads.   I love turning up the radio and singing along badly.
Here’s four of my favourites on YouTube….

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’.

Starship –      Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.

Bon Jovi – Always.

Aerosmith –   Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.

Go on!  Have a look!  Play them loud!

2. Watching Homes Under the Hammer on TV, and dreaming that I could buy a bargain house at auction and transform it into a palace.

3. Buying a bar of Galaxy chocolate and eating it all myself.

4. Spending hours looking at nothing in particular on Pinterest.

5. Going into a shop selling vintage or antique items and just browsing.

6.  Loving all stage musicals, however cheesy or childish.  I can’t choose a favourite, I love them all!   Which is your favourite?  I’d love to know!


7. Going to the local shop wearing leggings, baggy jumper, unbrushed hair, and hoping no one I know will see me….

8. Talking to any animal in a silly childish high-pitched voice.

9. When I get a cold caller on the telephone, I try to engage them in conversation and ask them personal questions, like …”what did you have for lunch today?” or “have you ever been to Mongolia?”

10.  I love Take That…..
A hugely successful boy band, formed In Manchester in 1990, original five members, currently three of them are still performing, with Gary Barlow being the main song writer.


They have had 12 number 1 records, and won numerous music awards. Read all about them here.

Mark Owen, the one on the left of the photo, lives quite near us, in Petersfield.   He is often seen around town, or walking his dog in the park.   Apparently it was the best day of my 35 year old daughter’s life last week, when she spotted Mark Owen in the supermarket –  she followed him out to the car park, but was too scared to speak to him!

Here is one of their most successful hits –  “Rule the World”, being performed at the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony …..


9 thoughts on “Power ballads, musical theatre, boy bands – what do they have in common?

  1. Les Mis is my fav / but I am glad we can see as many as we want!!
    And laughing at #9 – good idea – I heard one person say they sometimes cry and tell them probs – something like that
    Lastly – #8
    Awe….. so cute
    Have a nice day


  2. Jesus Christ Superstar…but probably because I played Mary of Magdala in college…..then it’s a Chorus Line. I know every single word by heart and can say all the character’s lines as they are. it drives poor George batty!

    Liked by 1 person

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