Are you introvert or extrovert? Try this test and find out about yourself….

31 day blog challenge – “Three personality traits I am proud of…”

Where does personality come from? Is it something you are born with, or does it develop as you grow up? Does it run in families? Is it due to your environment? Can your personality change?
Can personality be measured?


When I was a psychology lecturer in my past life, I used to teach Theories of Personality, and I would ask my students these questions. There are no fixed answers, and it always raises an interesting debate. Lots of psychologists have tried to measure personality, with degrees of success. You might already have an idea if you are an introvert or an extrovert. If you want to find out about your personality traits, it’s easy to find a test on Google. There are supposedly hundreds of ways of measuring personality.  Have a look at this basic one.


So what are some of my traits? I wrote these down before trying the above test, and I was surprised to see some overlap….

1. I’m a non-conformist, I don’t like sticking to the rules, I think outside the box, I’m flexible.

2. I’m kind-hearted, helpful, show interest, willing to take part.

3. I’m brave, I like challenges, I’m explorative, I don’t like to be tied-down.

4. I’m patient, determined, forceful, and as this is number four, I told you I was a non-conformist!

The personality test above will put you into one of 16 categories, and classed me as an ‘Entrepreneur’……

So, as I’m such a perfect human specimen, do I have any bad points? I don’t mind admitting that I do. My bad points – (well, let’s not call them bad, just a little less favourable….)

1. I’m ruthless, don’t have time for idiots, I’m dismissive.
2. I can lack motivation if there is no reason to do something, or if I lack a clear aim.
3. People have described me as self-centred, and manipulative. They are clearly idiots……

Have you ever done a Personality Test?


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