What food don’t you like?

My 31 day Blog Challenge – “My ten favourite foods”

Only ten? That will be difficult! I love food! It would be harder for me to think of ten foods I don’t like, but as you discovered yesterday that I am a non-conformist, I will do this instead….

I don’t like eating  ……

1. Slimy food, such as yoghurt. I like some Greek yoghurt, as it is ‘set’. I really don’t like those fruit yoghurts in little tubs. And those drinking yoghurts are the worst. Who wants to drink gone-off milk?

2. I don’t like Mexican food. Nachos, tortillas, tacos. Beans. No thank you.

3.  I love meat, proper meat like steak, chicken, pork chops. I detest things like liver and kidney. It reminds me of school dinners when I was young.

And – all sorts of offal. It’s just awful! Awful offal! Brains, tongue, sweetbreads, tripe, oxtail, heart. Don’t bring it near me!


4. I’m a bit squeamish about eating rabbit. I would if you forced me, and I didn’t have to prepare it, but why choose rabbit if you can choose something else?

5. I won’t try things like insects. Fried locusts are a no-no. I won’t eat snakes either…..


6. I know I must be weird, but I’m not a big fan of baked American cheesecake. I think it’s the texture….


7. Finally, fish. It’s over-rated. I don’t mind nice fillets, with no bones or skin. Nothing with eyes or fins, please. I like moules (mussels), kalamari (squid), and have eaten grilled octopus. But no weird shellfish, sea urchins, razor shells. I don’t really like tuna. don’t want to eat crab or lobster. I hate fighting with my food – I don’t want to extract it from a shell with tweezers or hammers, or pick bones out of it.


We were given these sea urchins as a free meze with a drink, in a greek taverna…

Are there any foods you really don’t like?

6 thoughts on “What food don’t you like?

  1. This is interesting – I can eat most things (though I was vegetarian for 30 years) if they are cooked well. I agree about slimy foods – sago, okra, snails, artificial milkshakes that have that snotty texture. But also beetroot – it reminds me too much of a man a saw as a child with a bloody-head. Some religions restrict beetroot too.


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