31 day blog challenge – old photos

My 31 day blog challenge – day 8 – “an old photo of you”.

Old photos are very precious.  Nowadays, we can take dozens, or even hundreds, at a time, and see the results instantly.   You don’t even need a camera these days, cameras are just as good.  Remember when you had to buy a film, load it into your camera, the. When you had taken all the shots, usually 24 or 36, you had to take them to a shop to be developed, or send them off and wait a week or two for the photos to be returned.   We then normally put the, carefully into an album.

I don’t have many photos of when I was very young.  As I have moved house so many times, 44 houses at the last count, photo albums have been lost, or destroyed. So the few I have are very precious.

This is one of the earliest photos of me, quite a bald baby!  Taken before my first birthday……


In the next photo I am aged around two, with my father, in RAF uniform, building a snowman in our back garden.


The next one is me, aged around two, with my mother and father.



The photo above was taken on a family trip to London Zoo, circa 1962-3.

The photo below is of my mother, father (wearing strange hat), my aunty Margaret, cousin Janet and my brother Philip.


A bit more up to date – here’s a photo of me, aged 14 or 15, at boarding school, 1970!


And finally, one from around 1982 – me and my two daughters, who are now aged 39 and 35!img_7259

That’s enough embarrassing photos for one day!


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