Madeira – cable car up, and sled down!

Which Way

This week we are going up, and down!   Let’s go to Funchal, on the island of Madeira.  First we have to catch the cable car to the top…..


Hold on tight, we’re off!

The journey takes approximately 15 minutes, is 3,718 m (around 12,000 ft) long and has a vertical rise of 560 m (1,837 ft). The 39 cabins, with eight seats each, can transport 800 passengers per hour.


Fabulous views, all the way up….

We now have to get in a toboggan!


The Monte Toboggans refer to sliding down the street in a wicker basket, mounted on wooden runners. It is possible to cover the 2 km (1 mile) descent from Monte to Funchal in 10 Minutes.  Ernest Hemingway once described it as “Exhilarating”.  Cushioned seats soften the ride, and passengers are in the safe hands of the toboggan drivers, who push and steer from the rear, using their rubber-soled boots as brakes. Madeiran Tobogganing was invented as a form of transportation in 1850.


Before you go down, why not climb up the steps and explore the church?


You can go back down on the cable car, if you don’t want to risk the sledge….


On the way down, you will fly over some amazing hairpin bends…..


Once back on terra firma, let’s walk through the narrow streets and find a bar…..


I hope you enjoyed our little tour up the mountain!  Have you ever been to Madeira?


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