My most proud moment….

31 day blog challenge – day 10 – ”Most proud moment” –

Not easy to answer this challenge.  Do I choose something that one of my children has done, that made me proud to be their mother? Which child do I choose? Or do I choose something that I did that made me proud? This might make me sound like I’m showing off……

But I was pretty proud of myself when I finished my degree course and graduated with a B.Sc in Psychology, in 1991. I was a mature student, aged 33 when I started my degree, with three small children and a husband. I won’t bore you with the difficulties of juggling motherhood and an unsupportive husband with full time study, but I did it……..


I made some really special friends on that degree course. We were all mature students, most with children, doing the course for different reasons. We’ve known each other for over 25 years now. Within our group we’ve had 4 marriages, 4 divorces, two births, three deaths. I’ve moved house over ten times since we first met! A couple of times a year we all get together again.


This photo of all of us was taken in October 2010.  I’m standing up, on the left.  I don’t usually look this clean or presentable…..


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