Have you ever won the lottery?

My 31 day Blog Challenge – “If I won the lottery”……

Well, you would have to tell me how much I have won. There’s a lot of difference between winning £1000 and ten million. Winning £1000 would just mean a big shopping splurge and maybe a weekend away. In a year’s time you would be back where you started. Wining ten million would be life changing. So let’s assume I’ve won a million. Just one million. Not nearly enough to put you on the Rich List, but more then enough to live comfortably. I’m assuming I would get to spend it all on myself, and this is what I would do ……

  1.  Pay off my mortgage. Now I would be free to stay in this house, or move elsewhere. I think I would buy a new property – not necessarily a brand new one, old and picturesque would be good. It would have four bedrooms, so family and friends could stay. I would like a luxury kitchen, with all modern appliances, so I can do lots of cooking. The house would have a hobbies room, for sewing and my art work. It would have a reasonable garden so I can keep chickens. In the garden would be a huge workshop for Tim, so he can tinker to his heart’s content. I would like the house to be close to the sea in south of England.


However, having searched the Internet for my ideal home, I can report that it is going to take at least half of my million pounds to afford it……

So maybe I would keep my existing little house. and just buy a brand new car for myself, and one for Tim. I fancy a Landrover Defender……


I would be able to afford to visit lots of places I have not yet been to, or places I wish to re-visit. I would like to go back to Australia. I would visit South Africa and go on safari. I would like to hire a camper van and drive across America.

I would pay for my four grandchildren to go to private schools from age 11-18. I would pay off the mortgages of my two children with houses, and buy a small house for my other daughter.

That’s probably used up more than my million pounds!

It would be nice to have enough money in the bank to not have to worry about buying nice things for my new house, lovely presents for friends and family for birthdays and Christmas.

Right – I’m off to buy a lottery ticket……..


3 thoughts on “Have you ever won the lottery?

  1. I got given a ticket for the lottery once and won £50. But I do not gamble, not even with raffle tickets. My mother won the Pools (football coupons) twice in the sixties – enough to buy the house she was renting and a shop for my father who had a market stall. But it brought so much bad luck and false friends who came to parties. It was expected of me to bring chocolate in to school for everyone or get beaten up. Our home was known as “the house that won the pools” – we were burgled so many times. My Mum and Dad started drinking heavily and crashed cars they bought – one crash made my mother blind. It had a profound affect on me and I have always made my own way in life and tried to keep out of debts.

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  2. That story by southamptonoldlady is very sad. I don’t gamble very often at all. Maybe £5 on the horses from time to time. I really ought to remember to do the Lottery more often. I would love to win a million pounds, or more! I don’t think anyone needs thirteen million. Instead of paying out thirteen million to one person, what would be nice if they could give a million pounds to thirteen people. Thirteen happy people, instead of one (possibly) miserable person.


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