What’s in your handbag or purse?

My 31 day blog challenge – ”Whats in your handbag?”

Let’s have a look – I’ll tip everything out and we’ll inspect it……..

My bag is a medium sized canvas bag with two straps, and leather trim.  It’s made by ‘Kipling’ and I found it in a charity shop – one of my best buys.


I’m glad the challenge called it a ‘handbag’ and not a purse.  A purse is what ladies put their money in!  Men use wallets for their money.  Men usually only put notes in their wallets – coins go in their pockets!  In my purse I have a £20 note  two bank cards, plus an assortment of shop cards.


In one of the side pockets, I found two pens, a broken watch, a lipstick, a comb, and some paracetamol tablets.


I always have my sunglasses in my bag, and keys.  It’s been a bit cold this week, so I’ve got gloves, too.



I’ve always got plenty of shopping bags – they don’t give them away for free in shops now, you have to take your own.

…..and I found things to eat in my bag – half a packet of old mints, a chocolate bar, and a packet of sweets for grandson.


I didn’t realise I had so much in my handbag!   Usually I take my phone, iPad and camera too!


How much do you carry around in your handbag?  What do men do with all this stuff?


4 thoughts on “What’s in your handbag or purse?

  1. Brave of you to publish a photo of your cards! This looks a bit like my handbag minus the car-keys and sweets. But I also carry my old camera, diary, mobile that is always switched off and have endless scraps of paper with reminders on. When I go out with my family I also have to carry everything in my bag that they can’t fit in their pockets: – novels, make-up bags, reading glasses etc.


  2. I seriously don’t understand what men do with their stuff. I always have to have a large handbag, otherwise I’m lost! My must things are phone, camera, wallet, gum and lip gloss. Thanks for reminding me about the shopping bags, I keep forgetting them and have to buy plastic every time 😱


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