A day in the life of…..me.

Day 15 of my Blog Challenge – “Timeline of my day”…

What did you do, today?

0725 – woke up, after a restless night, due to a cold and cough.
0730 – made myself a cup of tea, took husband a coffee. He was still asleep, so I stayed downstairs and watched tv for an hour. Checked my emails and had my turn on online Scrabble.


Do do you know there are 100 two-letter words that you can use in Scrabble?  And 33 words that contain the letter Q, but don’t have to be followed by a U?

0830 – I unloaded the dishwasher.
0900 – had a shower and got dressed.
0930 – made toast and coffee for my breakfast.
1050 – husband appears for a shower, coffee, cereal.
1115 – we both left, to drive to my daughter’s house, 40 miles away. It was my turn to babysit my two grandsons for the afternoon while the parents were at work. Jess is an art teacher and Andy is a Police Officer.

Between 12 noon and 5pm – boys had lunch, we played lots of games, Lego, Star Wars toys.
We went for a walk to the park, and the boys went on the swings, slides and climbing frames. The eldest grandson, Ted, is not a good walker, he is sometimes lazy, and complains that his legs hurt! But when I told him I couldn’t carry him as I also had to push his brother in the pushchair, he never complained at all, and walked all the way. I gave him a small bar of chocolate as a reward.

When we got back, Ted watched some children’s tv for a bit, and Charlie opened kitchen cupboards and played with potato mashers and pans. I made them their tea, which was sausages, pasta and fresh vegetables. Charlie ate a lot, Ted not so much, as by now he was getting very tired.

1645pm, daughter arrives home, boys squeal in delight. It was her birthday yesterday, so I gave her presents and a card. We then discussed Christmas Day lunch, as we will be at her house, and we want to share the cooking.

1730hrs, we left, and got caught in horrendous rush hour traffic, arriving home 1845, the journey taking half an hour longer than usual. Tim lit the fire and brought some logs inside. I managed to make a supper of left overs, having the same as we ate yesterday – ham, leek and mushroom pie with filo pastry topping, roast butternut squash, and peas and new potatoes. For dessert we had a slice of mixed berry cheesecake, that was reduced in price in the supermarket yesterday. And we both had a glass of red wine.
2000hrs – we watched Masterchef on TV, until we went to bed around 2230.



What did you do today?



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