Views from the Greek Islands…

The Girl That Dreams Awake has a 52 week challenge,and the latest topic is   “view”

I really like taking photos of lovely views, and as I spend the summer on our yacht in Greece, we see many nice views!

How many shall I post?  How do I choose?  Here are six of my favourites….

The first two views are from the Greek island of Kithnos…..


Next, a view over the harbour at Skiathos…..


Isn’t this a fabulous view?  This was on the island of Kalamos, with a view over to the town of Mitikas on the greek mainland.


A different island now, on the other side of Greece.   A view over Patmos harbour, taken from the monastery.


Next, a view from the clock tower over the entrance to Poros town.  Poros is a little known Island in the Saronic gulf, not to be confused with Paros, or Paros.


Finally, I couldn’t resist this lovely view on the island of Paxos, with our yacht Fandancer moored in the bay at Mongonisi.


Apologies for the seven photos, I promised you six!


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