What would be your dream job?

My blog challenge – day 16 “My dream job”….

Well, obviously, I’m waiting for one of the sailing magazines or women’s magazines to contact me and ask me to be a regular columnist. I could write about the trials and tribulations of living aboard a yacht in Greece (yes, there are many trials, such as how to decipher a greek taverna menu, how to find a shop on a remote greek island that sells my favourite hair conditioner, and my pet hate, washing clothes in a bucket). I know that there is a 99% probability that this dream job will never materialise, but let’s be positive, there’s a 1% chance that it might actually happen!  After all, I have had   quite a few articles published in the last few years as a freelance writer, but I’d like something more permanent. (read more about my freelance writing here).


In my previous life, I used to be a college lecturer and a tutor, and I also had to advise students on future careers. We used a computer program to gauge the sort of career for which the students might be well-suited. I had a go myself, and it said I should be a librarian, a scientific researcher or a private detective!

I just found a personality test online which is supposed to find   your perfect job. Why don’t you have a go?

My highest score was for ‘Creative use of ideas, materials or situations’ and it said…
Your ideal work is mainly about working imaginatively with ideas or designs. This includes jobs in the arts, performing, creative writing, and also visual design, lateral thinking, business creativity, adapting or coming up with new ideas, working in situations where no rulebook exists. Example jobs include: graphic designer, training consultant, wedding planner, public relations.

That definitely sounds like me! Especially the ‘no rulebook’ bit!

I think I would really like to be a private detective, or find things out for people, like travel destinations. I’m really good at finding things out, I don’t stop until I find out the answer, I’m brilliant at research. Does anyone want to give me a job?


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