For Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge this week, the theme is   Animals.

I don’t have a huge amount of animal photos, except for our cat, of course. But I was very pleased how these ones turned out in black and white, especially the terrapins!  

My first photo is of a mule, on the greek island of Hydra.    There’s are no cars on this beautiful island, everything has to be transported by miles and donkeys.


You can read more about our visit to this lovely island and the mules, on an earlier blog post, here.

Next, is a black and white photo of the most gorgeous and clever dog in the world….


Sadly, Tansy is no longer with us.  RIP Tansy!

Now, here are two different birds in black and white…..

The macaw was bright red, and sat on a perch outside a fruit shop, in Greece.  The second photo is of the famous pelican of Mykonos.

I was very pleased how this photo of two terrapins turned out in black and white….


And finally, we can’t leave out a photo of Artemis, our boat cat.  Although she is being looked after by friends this year, she used to love sitting on the sail covers so she could watch everything that was going on…..


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