My favourite childhood book……

I was an avid reader when I was young.   I loved reading.  When I was around ten years old, I remember reading a book a day, easily.  I remember being at my Nana’s house one holiday, and my father’s much younger adopted sister was there.   She was only about five years older than me, so I could relate to her easily.  She bought records, had a record player, went to the cinema, and had bookcases full of books.  I remember borrowing The Bobbesey Twins, the Chalet School books, and the Secret Seven.  

But the one I remember most, and my favourite, was “Five on a Treasure Island” by Enid Blyton.  I absolutely loved it, even though it had been written in 1947, I didn’t realise how old fashioned it was, I just loved the idea of a group of friends going on adventures.  And there was a girl with the same name as me, who hated being called Georgina, and wanted to be known as George.


Here’s a review of the book, from the  Enid Blyton society website –

Julian, Dick and Anne are thrilled and curious when they discover that they are going to be spending the summer holidays with an unknown cousin, in a cottage beside the sea! George is a strange girl, who won’t answer to her full name: Georgina, and though at first she isn’t pleased that she has got company – little does she realize the excitement ahead, that will involve her very own island, a mysterious map, and a wreck thrown up in a storm! Alongside George’s dog, Timmy (who is a strictly concealed secret amongst the children), the children have some truly breath-taking adventures in this first, fantastic Famous Five book!.

Which Famous Five character are you?   Do this quiz and find out.   Guess what, I did it, and I’m just like George!





9 thoughts on “My favourite childhood book……

  1. I loved Enid Blyton books, too, although they were frowned on at school. One of the teachers, the one I always think of when “good” teachers are referred to, lured me away with the Narnia books. I don’t think I went back to Enid Blyton after that but I still have very fond memories of them.


  2. I also loved Enid Blyton books. Yes, frowned on by schools, but at least encouraged children to actually read! I liked The Famous Five books and The Secret Seven books.


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