Full circle – our cat Artemis again.

Well, I’ve missed two days of my self imposed 31 day Challenge, and I’m feeling a failure, but hey, I can always catch up another day, there’s no rules to blogging!

I actually started on Day 21, so we’ve gone full circle. Thank you to those lovely bloggers who followed throughout this challenge. On Day 21 last month, the first topic I posted was based on the topic “Something I Miss” and I wrote about  missing our cat, Artemis, who has gone to stay with Tim’s daughter in Essex this year. But last weekend, we went to visit his daughter, and Artemis!


Cats don’t reveal their feelings, unlike dogs, who jump up, lick you to death, wag their tail, and practically smile at you. I liked to think that Artemis showed a glimmer of recognition, she seemed to recognise my voice. She let me pick her up, she lay on my lap for a while, and best of all, she slept all night on our bed!


We were surprised how big she was. She is two and a half years old now, and maturing into a fine furry feline. She always grows a huge fur coat over the winter, whereas when she lived on our boat in Greece she was very lean and slinky, due to the very hot weather. Some people think she looks fat, but although she had put on a few pounds, she is on a controlled diet of special dry food recommended by her vet, and not given treats. I hope the neighbours next door are not giving her double dinners!



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