WWW -Bacchanalia…..

Here’s my entry for Jay’s Wicked Word Wednesday challenge.

the word this week is BACCHANALIA:

…….please vote for me!



Girls stumbling on too-high heels.
Boys play-fighting, jumping into fountains.
Drunken kisses, knives with near misses.
Beer cans rolling, stomachs emptying.
Sirens nearing, handcuffs rattling.
Just another bacchanalian Christmas Eve in paradise.
Thank goodness I’m in bed by ten o’clock……

(…and I did that in exactly 42 words!)

if you think I deserve your vote, go to Jay’s page, find my name in the comments list, and vote, vote, vote by ‘liking’ my entry.  Thank you lots and lots!

If you are a logophile or other creative type, why not join in, too?




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