Shake and Shimmer…..

Shimmer is this week’s travel theme. I immediately thought of some photos I took at sunrise or sunset which were quite shimmery.

First – winter sunlight shimmering on the water……



Next, a photo I took in Greece…


Moonlight shimmering on the water


Another shimmery Greek photo…..


The sun shimmering on the water above a sunken boat….



Above – a lovely sunset shimmer……

– and finally, a Christmas theme….


Christmas decorations shimmering….




4 thoughts on “Shake and Shimmer…..

  1. Oh my goodness, that sunken boat! Someone in our harbour left their boat in the water for too long this winter and it got a leak because of all the ice. Now it’s sunken and I have no idea how they are going to ever get it out. The guy is now trying to sell it for one euro, saying that the person who buys it has to fish it out.. not an easy task as none of the trucks that usually lift the boats can get even close to it..

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