Here’s the reasons why….

Some friendly bloggers have contacted me and wondered why I’m not going to carry on with my blog. Well, I just find it so time consuming, I’m not able to do other stuff that I want to do!  I’ve really loved the blogging experience over the past twelve months, especially all the lovely people I’ve met, both on-line and in person – you know who you are!


I really wanted my blog to be about our sailing adventures and places we’ve visited, but as we are back in the UK at the moment, I’m not really writing much, I’m just taking part in various challenges and people are nice enough to comment on my photos, but the blog isn’t really what I imagined it to be, so this is a serious decision for me.  I also never find the time to do their things I want to do, such as sewing, sketching and photography.  I’d like to try some more freelance writing for magazines. It would also be nice to read a book for a change!

Maybe I’ll come to my senses on 1st Jan and start a new blog, or wait until we get back to the boat and start again…..

Also, back in January 2014 I decided to start writing a book!   Well,  I’ve got three to write actually, but I’ll settle for writing one to start with …… an autobiographical tale about memories of being at boarding school in the 1970s…… a tale of friendship, school dinners, and ponies!  I’ve not done much actual writing yet, but I thought if I used the time to write a book instead of blogging, I might get something done.


I’m also going to write a book about buying a boat and living aboard, and places we’ve been, which may be of interest to a wider audience, so I’m going to be busy!
So that’s my news.   I don’t know whether to close down my blog altogether, or just not participate in posting, so watch this space……


26 thoughts on “Here’s the reasons why….

  1. That’s a shame Georgie, as you really have a popular blog and we love hearing about your adventures. But starting from scratch and doing three books! You will be busy. Perhaps keep your blog and just write a bit from time to time about your sailing adventures? You’ll need somewhere to promote your books!
    I myself am taking a break from blogging as I will be moving to Dorset soon – I will start a new blog too about that.. Good Luck and hope you have a prosperous new year! – SOL

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  2. I completely understand. Take the time you need and know we will be waiting to hear again….most especially about the books you write (notice I have decided you are writing them…lol). In the meantime we can still bother you by email or on facebook.

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  3. It’s such a shame you’ve decided to stop blogging (for the time being at least) but I do get where you’re coming from. There seems to be so many ‘rules’ of how to write the perfect blog, how often you should post and what your content should be about. Heck if your not getting 1 million views a day your a failure so to speak! But if you want your blog to be about your sailing adventure (and its certainly what I enjoy reading about on here) why don’t you concentrate on that. Even if you only post once every month or even less you’ll be putting your heart and soul into the writing and doing what you want – surely thats better than giving up because of the pressures to write ‘something’ more frequently? The people who read will be genuinely interested too… I’ve had a month of not posting and its been lovely. I’m now fully enjoying catching up on writing my posts – even if they take hours to write!

    Good luck with what you decide. I hope to read more soon….. 🙂

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  4. I do not really have any wise words.I will miss you, but you never know the outcome of things. One of my blogging sites, Multiply, closed down, but I just continued in WordPress. Being a golden oldie I no longer have big ambitions and blogging does it for me, but I don’t travel on a boat in Summer so have more time. Look after yourself and go the way you want to.

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  5. I think maybe you set your standards too high, to post every day. There’s no law that says you cannot post once a week, or even twice a month… I aim for twice a week, sometimes it’s less, but I don’t beat myself up over it. Very occasionally it’s more, if there’s something special I want to say. If you only want a travel blog, you can post when you’re traveling. I agree the challenges are very time consuming and stop you from other things, that’s why I never do them (except for some art challenges). But it would be a shame to close down the blog completely, and lose touch with all your friends 😊💝

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  6. Oh I know what you are talking about – blogging is very time consuming! In addition to writing posts, I would like to stay up-to-date on my online friends’ blogs but it’s SO difficult. I do love your blog though Georgina, be it challenges or sailing adventures. I will keep following you in case you decide to come back but if you do go on with your decision, I wish you the best of luck with everything and a Happy New Year ❤ I will miss you! xx

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  7. Oh, Georgie, don’t close down your blog. Just push it to the back burner, it will keep. Post occasionally when you feel like it. I, and I am sure many, many other friends, love to hear from you, to share in your travels to places that we will never visit, yet see through your eyes. Don’t feel pressured, relax, take it easy. Know that you have friends out here who will be delighted to get a post, however rare.

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