A change of direction is good for you…..

Thank you, fellow bloggers, for your supportive comments and suggestions.  The other day I wrote about how I have decided to withdraw from blogging for a while, and I was touched by all your responses.

I’ve decided not to completely close down my blog, but I will just post occssionally when the mood takes me.  You’ve no idea how much my stress levels and mood lifted this week when I decided I wouldn’t post anything for a while!  I felt such a sense of relief that I wasn’t under any pressure to write anything!   I’m clearly doing this blogging thing all wrong.  It’s supposed to be fun!  There’s never any pressure to do anything and it shouldn’t take over your life.



Now I can start to enjoy other pursuits.  The first thing I’m doing now is to finish writing an article I started for a sailing magazine which has been hanging round for ages.  I’ll sort out some photos and send that in soon.   I’ve got sewing projects to finish too.   And I will procrastinate no longer – I’ll get out all my notes for THE BOOK and put pen to paper, so watch this space!

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