My anti- New Year resolutions….


I can’t think of one New Year resolution that I’ve ever kept, so I’ve decided there’s no point in them. If you want to do something, change something, or give up something, you shouldn’t need a specific prompt to start, just do it!

But a new year is always a good turning point or starting point to assess how things have gone over the past 12 months, and it makes you think about the forthcoming year.


I started my blog properly, for the third time (hence the name!) exactly a year ago. Even though it didn’t turn out quite as I thought it would, I somehow have acquired 527 followers, although clearly four fifths of these don’t find my blog riveting enough to stick with me, as I rarely get 100 ‘likes’ or views for any post! My statistics tell me that in total, my blog had 24678 views, and 8835 visitors.

I often wonder how random people find my blog. Some followers seem to have little in common with me, such as religious or motivational fanatics who maybe hope they will convert me (they won’t), beauty and fashion bloggers who might try to make me buy their products (they won’t) and even people who write a blog in another language in the hope that I’ll suddenly become proficient in Russian or Indian or Portuguese (I won’t). And I don’t follow these people back!


I wrote 517 posts in 2016. Now, if only I’d spent that time and energy in writing my book instead, it would be at the publishers by now! Ha ha! Unfortunately, a lot of my posts were not viewed many times, some posts had as few as 11 or 12 views, such as A walk through a Greek village so I’m a bit disheartened by that, having spend so much time and brain power on constructing what I thought was a magnificent piece of work… I follow a lot of photo challenges and daily prompts, so I guess it’s only the other people who take part in these, who bother to look at my posts.

My most viewed post was one I wrote on the spur of the moment, in answer to a comment on one of my photos asking me why are Greek buildings blue and white?  That’s been viewed an astonishing 927 times, to date!


If any new visitors to my blog are wondering why I’m always going on about greece, it’s because in the summer months, my husband and I leave England and go and live on our yacht in Greece for six months.  We are currently back in UK to catch up with friends and family.

So in 2017 I’ll try to write some more equally wonderful posts ……. fingers crossed.

6 thoughts on “My anti- New Year resolutions….

  1. I LOVED the walk through a Geek Village! I felt as if I were walking alongside you…or at least trying to keep up with those long legs of yours. it isn’t easy being height deprived ya know. I have almost 200 followers, yet only 81 of them are every doing more than just clicking a like button. Think of yours as potential readers of that book you are GOING to write so i can buy and read it. And may 2017 see everything accomplished on your non-resolution non-list!n somewhere. And only 30 of them actually respond in any i figure I have 30 followers and am pleased.

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