Crayola – red orange

For the next few days, we have a selection of orange colours in the Crayola Challenge.  Today’s colour is RED ORANGE.  That’s not red, not orange, not orange red (which is a separate Crayola colour) but RED ORANGE…..


My first red orange photo is of a carved pumpkin, which I found on a cruise ship….


Next, we have a red orange dinghy on a beach in Greece.  And there’s our cat, too!  She loves to come ashore with us in our dinghy when our yacht is at anchor, but she’s waiting by the wrong dinghy to go back again!


In the next picture, we are going to the Isle of Wight.  This is a red orange cone I found on Appley Beach….


We are off to another country now – the next photo was taken in Lyon, France.  We were passing through the city on our yacht when we journeyed from Le Havre, through Paris, and south to Port St Louis on the French coast  ……


Now, you definitely need a sunset to illustrate the colour red orange.  This photo was taken on the beach in Leigh on Sea, Essex…..


Come back to tomorrow and see some more sunsets, when the Crayola colour is Sunset orange!


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