Orange and more orange…

There’s a lot of orange-brown colours coming up in the Crayola Challenge over the next few days.   I wish the colours had been mixed up!   I long for a delicate violet, or a sultry blue.  How about a spring green?

But we have to do them in this order, and I’m finding it a bit repetitive!


So I’m going to find some generic orange and brown photos, and join back in with the challenge when the colour changes…..

So, I can’t name the individual colours, but I’m sure I’ve got some of them in my photos!


Autumn colours on a couple try walk….


Brown window frame, taken through a hole in a wall…..


Terracotta rooftops on the island of Hydra 

Tune in next time for more Crayola colours!


2 thoughts on “Orange and more orange…

  1. The problem for me is that I did it all the first time round, and now I have to be careful not to use the same photos. Although I have found a solution I hope. I take a new photo every day to cover the colour needed.Not always easy, but a challenge for me. Yesterday I was in the bathroom cabinet taking a photo of teeth rinser, today who knows?


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