Lazing on a Sunday afternoon…..

The world’s most boring diary entry…….

Sunday : Very lazy day. Woke at 7.30, then shower, toast and tea, check emails, Facebook, blog. Read the paper. Watched TV. Had another go at yesterday’s cryptic crossword but still didn’t finish it. Spoke to an old friend on the phone and agreed to meet for lunch tomorrow at a country pub in New Forest. Checked the online food menu at the pub for tomorrow. Printed off some instructions and maps for a country walk In case we feel energetic before the pub lunch.


Skipped lunch today but pigged out on buttered crumpets and a pot of tea at 2pm. I had an aching neck and headache all morning which is probably due to my bad posture of sitting and reading iPad on the settee, and exacerbated by poor diet and lack of exercise.  Headache not relieved by medication, so I went for a lie down on the bed and fell asleep for an hour. Woke at 4.25pm. More tea. More TV. More blogging. Messaged daughter who was having problems with her wifi printer.


At six pm we made gin and tonics as a pre-supper aperitif. Lit the log fire. For supper we had slow cooker beef casserole and mashed potato. More TV. Watched a nice programme on wildlife in Thailand. Attempted to finish the crossword.

In summary, I am a complete lazy couch potato who can’t have walked more than 50 steps today. New Year Resolutions are not going well. Must try harder tomorrow…


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