Lemon mousse, fish fingers, parsnip soup and frozen peas…. being frugal.

This week we have been very frugal and not done a lot of food shopping, apart from milk, and some vegetables. We have managed to get through a whole week without needing to buy a large amount of food, by using up things in the freezer and larder. It’s amazing how creative you can be, and we didn’t eat any less differently then normal.

Sunday was New Year’ Day, my family came for lunch. I made Shepherds’ Pie and Lemon Mousse. For supper we had left over cheese and biscuits.

On Monday we had home-made Parsnip soup from freezer, and cheese topped rolls for lunch. Supper was omelettes, to use up some eggs, plus mushrooms and peppers from the fridge.

Processed with Snapseed.



Tuesday’s supper was made of chicken pieces from the freezer and a jar of peri-peri sauce from the larder, plus rice.

On Wednesday we had the left over chicken in sauce with pasta.

Thursday’s supper was more shepherds pie I found in the freezer, plus some frozen peas.

On Friday we had lunch out at a country pub after a walk, and just had cheese and biscuits for supper.


Saturday was fish fingers from freezer, chips and peas. I love fish fingers, reminds me of being a child. Real comfort food.

On Sunday, we had beef casserole – the meat was in the freezer, cooked in the slow cooker, with left over mashed potato and a bag of mixed veg also in freezer.

We also got through several bars of Christmas chocolate, mountains of Christmas satsumas, and a bottle of Bailey’s liqueur…..


Enter a caption nocolates and a Bailey’s liqueur – heaven!

So now it’s Monday! I can still feed us today – tins of tuna and sweet corn in the larder, plus pasta, will make a delicious tuna pasta bake for supper. I’ve made a pot of carrot and lentil soup. There’s a pack of bacon left in the fridge, and more rolls in the freezer. But by Wednesday we’ll be down to tins of baked beans and spaghetti.

The reason for this frugality is so that we can clear the fridge and larder of temptations as we intend to eat more healthily from now on…….. so I’ll be reporting back on how we get on!


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